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No matter what size, companies are constantly looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and performance. Naturally, the implementation of new technology can accomplish that. However, while introducing new technologies is essential in running a successful company, how they choose to introduce those technologies can make or break their success.
      With DreamCo's careful preparation, strategic implementation, and honest evaluation, new technology can be seamlessly integrated and painlessly adopted by employees.

  • Network Solutions

    DreamCo has the ability to plan, design and architect networks, utilizing on premise or cloud based solutions, as well as, offer superior support to organizations and assist them with their ongoing technology decisions.

  • Device Integration

    If you’re like most companies, you are looking to fully integrate a myriad of devices into your network – from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to on premise devices including scanners, printers and desk phones. The experienced team at DreamCo will not only initially set these devices up on your network, but we will work with you to understand your organization and ensure that each device is providing you with the maximum functional capabilities.

  • Unified Communication

    Now more than ever, communication and collaboration play an integral role in your organization’s productivity and profitability. We understand the value associated with an unified communications strategy that enables your workforce to collaborate in real time with a broad range of technologies, including instant messaging (IM or chat), voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telecommunications, integrated email and voicemail functionality, desktop sharing and web conferencing. At DreamCo, we can deploy all of these assets to give your small or medium sized business a competitive advantage.

  • Hardware & Software Installation

    Whether you need new computers, software, servers, switches or anything in-between, our team can help. We can help you decide on the right solution for your business, order what you need and install it. To top it off, we have partnered with the largest tech wholesalers to offer our clients the best prices around. 

  • Website Hosting

    In today's business landscape, having a good website isn't enough. If your site is down constantly or running slowly, it won't bring in customers and will speak volumes about your capabilities as an organization. No matter how attractive your site looks, it needs reliable web hosting and management. Your website's success depends on it.

    Our superior regional and national web hosting supports businesses that need reliable website hosting. DreamCo provides personalized technical support, web software updates, backups, and security protection.

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