About Us

With a combined 40+ years of I.T. experience and 25 years of electrical cooperative experience, DreamCo is versed in the world of technology and creating streamlined solutions. DreamCo strives to help your company find a better way to manage I.T. systems. After working with vendors and software companies for decades, we know the struggles and now seek to provide companies with a better option.
DreamCo offers businesses, of any size and type, peace of mind regarding their I.T. assets. DreamCo is equipped to manage every aspect of your company's infrastructure, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business, this will allow your operation to grow and thrive for years to come.
We know that there is a lot that goes into running a business. Combining all your I.T. needs with DreamCo gives you the chance to focus on your business, while professionals ensure your systems are secure and your problems are being addressed. The team of your dreams is here for you and your success!

-Our Team-


James Isaacs


James Isaacs has 25+ years of technological experience. James has trained in tech support, security, systems management, telecommunications, fiber optics, and many more. Check out some of his certifications and background on LinkedIn.



Adam Cardwell


Adam Cardwell has 20+ years of technological experience. He is trained in tech support, troubleshooting, network vulnerability, electrical cooperative information technology and many more. Check out some of his certifications and background on LinkedIn.



Molly Edgington

Office Manager

Molly Edgington has training in website development, digital design, social media management and marketing. 



Kaleb Sutton

Lead Technician/Software Developer

Kaleb Sutton has training in software development, hardware installation, tech support and troubleshooting.


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We are full-service, flexible, and believe that successful projects are the result of working collaboratively with our clients.