Custom Software & App Development


At DreamCo, we help clients by creating innovative user experiences for web and mobile software solutions. We design highly usable interfaces, grounded in a methodology that synthesizes your business needs, technical requirements, visual elegance and usability concerns.

  • Sales Management

    Need an app to manage sales - whether that be orders, inventory or tickets? We have just what you need. Our mobile or cloud based application is designed to make your business run more efficiently and securely.

  • Database Management

    With a database app, your company will spend less time managing your data environment and more time making important decisions. As experts in various database technologies, we specialize in database migration, as well as, writing custom database scripts.

  • User Login & Client Portals

    Does your company, school, or club need a user or client portal? Organizations often have the need to make services and data available only to those that possess a username/password combination. DreamCo can design an application to make important information available to only those who need to access it.

  • Event Management

    Planning an event can be stressful. From the long checklists of to-do's to last minute changes, you need a centralized platform to keep everything organized and updated so you know what's going on at a moment's notice. Don't worry, DreamCo designs event management apps to send invites, coordinate guest lists, and manage communications.

People- Centric Design

Commitment to Quality